Berkeley CA

Santa on 4th Sreet Berkeley

Make your business district come alive for the holidays!
Hire live entertainers for the front of your business.

For $75, I will send an entertainer to your storefront in the Berkeley CA area for two hours. (If you are hiring for your entire district let me know your budget and I will send you a complete proposal.) Most are available during the times listed below. Not all are available at all times but tell me which 3 interest you and I will do my best to send at least one of them over.

Performances are mostly acoustic so no sound permits are involved although a few of the musicians use their own battery powered small amp so their guitar or voice may be heard. Some are solo acts, some are groups but the cost is the same.

Payment is required by November 24.
Rain cancels their performance and $60 will be refunded if this occurs.


Angels, Elves, Toy Soldiers, Dancing Trees, Snow Queens, Dickensian Tom Collins, Clowns, Jugglers, Balloon Twisters + others


Guitars, Trumpets, Harps, Accordions, Violins, Sitar, Steel Drums,
Celtic, Russian, Jazz, Classical, Brazilian, Flamenco, Folk, Klezmer, Rock, Blues or Choruses

How to Get Entertainers:

1) Pick 3 entertainers that you like the best from the Charactors and Musicians above.

2) Pick your dates & times:

Saturday Nov. 27 12-2, 2-4
Sunday Nov. 28 12-2, 2-4
Saturday Dec. 4 12-2, 2-4
Sunday Dec. 5 12-2, 2-4
Saturday Dec. 11 12-2, 2-4
Sunday Dec. 12 12-2, 2-4
Saturday Dec. 18 12-2, 2-4
Sunday Dec. 19 12-2, 2-4
Monday Dec. 20 12-2, 2-4
Tuesday Dec. 21 12-2, 2-4
Wednesday Dec. 22 12-2, 2-4
Thursday Dec. 23 12-2, 2-4
Friday Dec. 24 12-2

3) Send your request to me by no later than Wednesday, Nov. 17. I will let you know who is available and you may confirm with me. I will then send you an email invoice so you can pay by check or Paypal by November 24.