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Berkeley Arts & Culture Hotline (BACHotline) is a resource for local groups and individuals to announce or receive info on art events, festivals, newsletters, press releases, art openings, art jobs, RFPs, or anything else about the arts and culture scene in and around Berkeley.

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This is an extension of the original Berkeley Cultural Trust Etree.

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The service you are providing is so very important to us little people trying to participate in this crazy world of Berkeley.
~ Greg Tomeoni


I just want you to know how important all your postings are to us nose-to-the-art, artists.  We have our eyes on the art on the table in front of us and we need someone to lift our heads up to the big picture, how to share, participate in the cultural expanse. Your posting of the annual juried show at the David Brower got me to apply and I was one of the 27 artists out of 125 selected.  I am very excited to be in the upcoming show in May.
~ Annie Hallatt


Great turn out from your list.
~ Lara Michelle, Craft Artist


We do appreciate your efforts in the past and in particular our BVFF events.
Folks do give us feedback that your blasts are effective.
~ East Bay Media Center, Berkeley Video & Film Festivals


I really appreciate these announcements about local cultural events. One part of my job here in the Art & Music Department at the Berkeley Public Library is to post event information and the emails I receive from you provide me with so many interesting things to put on the bulletin boards.
~ Teresa Albro, Art & Music Department, Berkeley Public Library


I think what you are doing is sooo wonderful. Thank you.
~ Nan Phelps Photography


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