Do-Right reports on Another Bullwinkel Show:

Lisa Bullwinkel's special events...

"You are like a sweet fairy going around the festival sprinkling bits of happy dust on everyone here and there."
~ Fonky Rob

"You helped us start our business 19 years ago. We didn't have a clue how to do these big events. Thank you. It's been quite a ride."
~ Steve Fuller, SF BBQ

"I don't know why this sentiment came over me just now, but I want to acknowledge you as an unsung hero of the Berkeley community. You've made so many contributions to the cultural and commercial life of Berkeley. Peace, love and more fiestas."
~ Russell Bass, Café de la Paz

"I want to thank you Lisa for being such a wonderful member of my community of contacts who have helped me along this past decade. I imagine the next set of changes to be ever more exciting and interesting as we all journey on this marvelous adventure called life..."
~ Dana Smith & His Performing Dog Lacey

Love your Berkeley festivals - keep em coming!"
~ Pat Ryan, Entertainer


"There is no way this event will be successful without you…You should know that we think you are a "Smart Cookie"and very good at what you do!"
~ Dianne Aldama, Mad Dog Crab Company


"I thought this would be a lot more hippy-dippy!"
~ Juanita

“We came down to spend all day at your event, originally to escape the 102 heat in Sacramento. We had a wonderful time, spent all day there and will definitely be back. What a great community event and I wish there was something here in Sacramento like it. We had a really great time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
~ Laura Martin, Sacramento

“ We had a lot of fun and got a lot of compliments. Met a lot of neat people. Pleasure working with you. We want to come back next year.”
~ Kimberly Hunter, Owner of Ponyland

"I set up and helped run a booth at the July 4 Festival for the Gray Panthers. We registered numerous voters, many were first-time voters -- young people or new citizens. It was such a joy! The Berkeley Marina July 4 Festival is a major event of the year for all kinds of citizens."
~ Steve Geller, Gray Panthers


"You should be happy with your event!! We had great foot traffic and very good sales."
~ Lisah Horner, ACCI Gallery

"Congratulations on the successful event. We were pleased with the results. Hugs & chocolate."
~ Robbin Everson, Alegio Chocolate

"They came in with the chocolate ticket then noticed our menu and bought something else. It really helped."
~ Jose Sanchez, Jamba Juice

"Next year, I'm selling chocolate milk with our chocolate orange cupcakes and I'm going to make a whole lot more of them."
~ Robert Farrow, Tangerine

"People came up to look at our chalk art and our sidewalk logo and then they really noticed my business. Kudos! They said you did it…and you did it!"
~ Jan Snidow, Powder Box

"I was so busy but every time I managed to look up, our store was full of people."
~ Carol Fabrietti, Ideas 4 Elements

"I thought the chalk art was beautiful. Nice little event you do."
~ Nancy Muller, Berkeley Hills Realty

"How do we get involved in this for next year?"
~ Manager from Zachary's Pizza who ran from the top of Solano down to Peralta Park to find the answer.

"Sales were fantastic! Our sales were double what they were last year and double our normal sales period. Thanks for all the hard work! Take care."
~ Renee Hoffman, Pharmaca

"Many thanks for your work organizing another successful Chocolate & Chalk Art festival. We were very pleased with the added foot traffic on the Avenue Memorial Day weekend."
~ William Gerard, A.G. Ferrari

"How do I send our guests to your event?"
~ Concierge, a San Francisco Hotel


"It was an amazing experience! (I said to one random guy I was speaking with, "great show, isn't it?""It's not great,"he said, "it's unbelievable."This wasn't a "pinball"guy; this was a guy that hadn't played pinball in decades. And that seemed to be a typical reaction.)"
~ Greg Maletic, Movie Producer, TILT

"I went to the 2008 PPE (Pacific Pinball Expo) show this last weekend. All I can say is WOW. Best show bar none I have ever been too. Just professional at every turn. Makes pinball expo (in Chicago) look like, well, a first effort."
~ Clay “Shaggy” Harrel

"You must be feeling very proud. The Marin show was wonderful. What an amazingly dedicated group of people! I have heard glowing reports from everyone who went over the weekend. Congratulations to everyone concerned."
~ Richard Tuck, Playland-Not-at-the-Beach


"The Solano Stroll set the standard for street festivals."
~ TV Interviewer

"Thank you yet again for a wonderful festival. You are still my favorite gig of the year."
~ Adrian West, Entertainer

"Oh, my BADNESS, Lisa, I had the WORST time of YOUR life! NO fun at all....really. You can imagine I HARDLY slept at all that MORNING! I am sure you WILL mind, but I stayed until the very BEGINNING!! NO thanks again for NOT inviting me, and please FORGET me for any SAD event."
~ Violet the Clown, Clowns of America Int'l State Ambassador

"Hey Lisa. CONGRATULATIONS! Once again on your great coordinating magical abilities. I don't know how you do it every year, but it's so much appreciated."
~ Pennie Opal, Gathering Tribes

"BRAVO, LISA! Within a 24-hour period Solano Stroll publicity reached me from four separate sources:
1. A friend and family member called to report they'd seen the photo of me with a puppet in the Albany/Kensington times,
2. In a BART station I saw a Stroll promo scroll across the electronic board where train arrival info is displayed to waiting passengers,
3. In newspaper datebook listing which I fished out of BART's recycling bin,
4. On KCBS radio.
Now if that ain't proof you’re a gal who knows her stuff, I don't know what is!"
~ Leslie Dahlgren Egashira, East West Performing Arts

"I just wanted to say that this year was the best Stroll that I can remember. Not only was it the most fun one that I have seen in my time here, but the arrangements that we made turned it into an altogether successful day for the theatre as well. We had plenty of happy parents and kids at the theatre all day watching the cartoons and getting prizes. I look forward to next year when we can do this again, and possibly more."
~ Josh Quigley, Albany Twin/Landmark Theatres

"On behalf of the Northern California Ki Society, we'd like to both congratulate and thank you for this year's Solano Stroll. Once again you've done a tremendous job bringing together and organizing the community to show off our best qualities to each other and to visitors. It was a perfect day, so congratulations and thank you for such a wonderful event. Meanwhile, take a breath, sit back and enjoy all the accolades you're receiving from the 2004 Solano Stroll. It was glorious. Thank you again for bringing it about."
~ Renee Bornstein, Northern California Ki Society

"I want to extend Kudos to you and your staff for such a great Stroll. How many times do you see crowds of that size having a good time without the violence that accompanies other events?"
~ Tom Cosgrove and Susan Wallace, L.Ac., Albany Acupuncture

"I've been a resident of Albany for 23 years now, have attended the Stroll since 1985, and currently work at the Marin Institute--a nonprofit working to reduce alcohol problems through environmental prevention. The Marin Institute has given the Stroll a "Thumbs Up" for being an alcohol-free event. I admire all that the Solano Avenue Assn. does and feel privileged to be a part of the neighborhood."
~ Ji Na Song, The Marin Institute

"Great Stroll for the Albany Library. Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of our community."
~ Ronnie Davis, Librarian

"Congratulations for a huge successful "Pearl of a Stroll."I'm sure you have stories to share. I would love to hear a few!"
~ Carolyn Golphin, President, Berkeley Chamber of Commerce

"The show itself was just plain GREAT...I can't wait to come back next year. Thanks for a GREAT weekend!!!"
~ Jeff & Diane Sanford, Bear Necessities & Corral Hollow Cotton Candy

"I've been meaning to write to say THANK YOU for having us in the Solano Stroll. Our typewriter jewelry was a smash and the show was so well run. We'd love to do it again next year so please keep us in mind and on your email list."
~ Rachel Hannah, What's Your Type?

"Just thought I would let you know that the Cazadero Performing Arts Camp office staff is still talking about the Solano Stroll, how cool it was, and how nuts they’ve been not to have participated before. They came back from the event brimming with ideas for next year and bug-eyed at how amazing it is. Thanks for all your work, and especially for giving us that last-minute phone call so they could slide in under the wire. I really appreciate the nudge, because now they all understand what I’ve been trying to tell them."
~ Carol Denny, Director of Cazadero Performing Arts Camp

"I’ve played at many outdoor fairs and yours is by far the coolest. There are many factors that make it special: the parade really energizes it and creates a sense of community, it’s family-friendly, there are many non-profit organizations involved (it’s not over-run by commercialism), the crowd is diverse, progressive, and educated, and all of the logistical aspects were handled so well. Great job! I look forward to playing at next year’s Solano Stroll."
~ Brian Kelly, composer & pianist