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Lisa Bullwinkel,
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Berkeley honors Lisa Bullwinkel for her role in the arts

Lisa Bullwinkel, who is involved in more arts events in this city than you could possibly guess, was...awarded a City of Berkeley Proclamation to recognize her contribution to the Berkeley community.
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Festivals are valuable... here's proof

Finally! This NEA research shows how valuable Festivals are to our lives and economies. www.nea.gov/research/
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"Your events add tremendous vibrancy to our community. Keep them coming!"
~ Suellen Primost, Artist

"I don't know why this sentiment came over me just now, but I want to acknowledge you as an unsung hero of the Berkeley community. You've made so many contributions to the cultural and commercial life of Berkeley. Peace, love and more fiestas."
~ Russell Bass, Café de la Paz

"I want to thank you Lisa for being such a wonderful member of my community of contacts who have helped me along this past decade. I imagine the next set of changes to be ever more exciting and interesting as we all journey on this marvelous adventure called life..."
~ Dana Smith & His Performing Dog Lacey

"There is no way this event will be successful without you…You should know that we think you are a "Smart Cookie" and very good at what you do!"
~ Dianne Aldama, Mad Dog Crab Company

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* Hoopla (noun): action, activity, brouhaha, bustle, buzz, commotion, drama, elation, emotion, excitation, feeling, fever, fireworks, flurry, frenzy, furor, fuss, heat, hubbub, hullabaloo, hysteria, passion, racket, rage, ruckus, rumpus, stir, thrill

We put on real Badenov events -- mostly free street festivals, art & culture events, business socials, theme parties, picnics or whatever else sounds fun. We’ve got the scoop on the local scene, where to go and what to do -- we're real Ms. Know-It-Alls. We promise to Do-Right by you!

Yes, my real last name is Bullwinkel! It’s been a ton of fun my whole life and I bring that along to any event that I produce. I’ve been throwing parties since I was a kid – ours was the house where all of the parties happened in town, until our pool caved in from too many people doing cannonballs off the side one night!

It is not a fractured fairy tale that I was a professional ballerina for many years. So I bring an artistic sensibility to every event I produce. My biggest thrill is providing a format so your guests can be creative in a way they never thought possible. This makes my events a big hit! And memorable!

Business District Marketing & Special Events Management

I can help you market your business district, even if it is in Moosylvania or during Rocky times! I have a background in community and economic development from my time as the Executive Director of a large merchant association in Berkeley and Albany, CA. There, I installed a Business Improvement District and built the Solano Avenue Stroll, the East Bay’s largest street festival. The Stroll was designated a National Local Legacy and is housed in the Library of Congress. I've produced lots of other events, including the 4th of July for the City of Berkeley complete with fireworks. Some of my past and present events include the Berkeley Festival of the Arts, Berkeley Jazz Festival on Telegraph, Pacific Pinball Exposition, Persian New Year Festival, Spice of Life Festival, Berkeley Tree Lighting Ceremony, Berkeley Celebration of Youth Arts, Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival, Dìa de los Muertos, Doof-a-Palooza, Center Street Summer Cinema, Food, Fashion & Wine, Snow Day in the Gourmet Ghetto & the Rockridge & Holidays on Fourth St.

Berkeley Arts & Culture Hotline

If you have an interest in the local Berkeley Arts scene, you can sign up right here on my website for the Berkeley Arts & Culture Hotline (BACHotline), an email service where locals post all kinds of interesting stuff including calls for artists, arty events, art stuff for sale and more.

Non-Profit Fundraising & Press

If you’re a non-profit organization, I can pull a rabbit out of my hat to help you fund raise. I even have mailing labels for sale with over 1,000 local businesses and restaurants plus museums and attractions statewide, or lists of local VIPS to invite to your events, or press lists for your media needs.

So even if your name isn’t Rocky, give a call… make that a moose call so we can really hear it!

Lisa Bullwinkel
Hoopla CEO
Another Bullwinkel Show

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