Chocolate and Chalk Art
Festival Winners 2018

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1st Place-Swanicorn by Melissa & Gracyn Gardner

Swanicorn by Melissa & Gracyn Gardner


2nd Place-What Lies Beneath the Sidewalk by Ella Suring

What Lies Beneath the Sidewalk by Ella Suring


3rd Place-Chocolate Computer Chip Cookie by Anna Shaposhnik

Chocolate Computer Chip Cookie by Anna Shaposhnik

Runners Up

Runner Up-Aretha by Taylor Parsell Runner Up-Cacao by Michael Lane Runner Up-Chocolate & Chalk Art 2018 by Jara Fernandez Runner Up-Chocolate Surf’s Up by Elijah Suring Runner Up-Draining Painting by Vera Pagh Runner Up-Girl with Chocolate Bar by Natalea Schager Runner Up-Holy Cow by Archana Ramachandran Runner Up-Peacock by Rita Wainess Runner Up-The Gifts of Nature by Bailey Bounds & Jeongbin Won Runner Up-The Wild West by Shannon Catlett

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention-Abstract Swirls by Isabel Caton & Ava Murrak Honorable Mention-Aspen Whispers by Liam Hutcheson Honorable Mention-At the Center of It all There’s a Clown Nose by Coventry & Kaluza Honorable Mention-Berkeley by Michael Lane Honorable Mention-Berkeley Sunset by Wesley Chan Honorable Mention-Bird Shadow by Kinley Perk Honorable Mention-Candy Land by Ava Mason Honorable Mention-Chalk Masterpiece by Shayna Keyles Honorable Mention-Cherry Fudge Chocolate Cake by Judith Irwin Honorable Mention-Chocolate Bobcats by Kine Bredersen & Brage Honorable Mention-Chocolate Cake by Vera Kulikov Honorable Mention-Chocolate’s Nightmare, Anny Wu Honorable Mention-Choose Kindness Honorable Mention-Climate Change by Selma Pagh Honorable Mention-Courage by Steve Rothman Honorable Mention-Delicious Liver Pate Honorable Mention-Dragon Honorable Mention-Eggplant Nemesis Honorable Mention-Fairy by Gloria, Age 5 Honorable Mention-Flowers by Julie, Alie & Kasper Green Larse Honorable Mention-Fly by Sharline Chiang Honorable Mention-Full of Love by Rie Okubo Honorable Mention-Grey Cat Honorable Mention-Happy Face by Talavera Family Honorable Mention-Hello Blue Octopus Honorable Mention-Hidden Gems Honorable Mention-Kiss Me by Jenna Honorable Mention-La Belle Vita Honorable Mention-Ladybug by Nina Serebrennikova Honorable Mention-Love is the Center of Resistance Honorable Mention-Man & Child Honorable Mention-Peace, Love & Eclairs by Leslie Mueller Honorable Mention-Peacock with Legs by Karintha & Ember Honorable Mention-Perfect Chalk it up to Chocolate by Maddie Davis Honorable Mention-Portal to the Past by Megan Kane Honorable Mention-Rainbow Man by Doreen O’Reilly Honorable Mention-Red Octopus Honorable Mention-Rock in Suspension, by Indigo Morgenstern Honorable Mention-Shaka the Dog Honorable Mention-Skateboard Head Honorable Mention-Slow Going by Gus Gregory Honorable Mention-Some Kindness for You with Green Teddy Honorable Mention-Space Flower by Hope Silver Honorable Mention-Sunset Over Mt Tam by Eliza Khuner Honorable Mention-Take One by Nancy Sihia Honorable Mention-Tiger by Lulu McGinn Honorable Mention-Tooth Fairy by Saffron Wegman Honorable Mention-Wall E by Maggie Yuan & Jason Shi Honorable Mention-M&Ms Rainbow by Melissa Guerrero Honorable Mention-Strong Women of Western Animation by Tessa Schwartz & Maera Klein

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