Chocolate and Chalk Art
Festival Winners 2021

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1st Place-Light Within by Jacquelyn Klinger & Stefan Voge

Light Within by Jacquelyn Klinger & Stefan Voge


2nd Place-Violin 2 by Sam Spevack

Violin #2 by Sam Spevack


3rd Place-Know Your Cocoa by Victoria Bloedau

Know Your Cocoa by Victoria Bloedau


Runners Up

Runner Up-A Flight to Adventure by Or & Tal Oppenheimer & Leore Geller.jpg Runner Up-A Warm Welcome by Olivia Gardner-Mcbride.jpg Runner Up-Be Yourself by Lucas Sandoval.jpg Runner Up-Birds on a Tree Branch by Sonya, David, Sara & Rachel Lewis.jpg Runner Up-Bunny with Balloons.jpg Runner Up-Butterflies & Snail 1 by Sasha Merritt.jpg Runner Up-Butterflies & Snail 2 by Sasha Merritt.jpg Runner Up-Butterflies & Snail 3 by Sasha Merritt.jpg Runner Up-Butterflies & Snail 4 by Sasha Merritt.jpg Runner Up-Cacao Paradise by Spencer Hardy & Jon Fong.jpg Runner Up-Homemade Brunch by Jinyang Tang & Yiwen Lao.jpg Runner Up-Planetree by Pamela Kaecher.jpg Runner Up-Through the Bay Window by Jeff Levitch.jpg Runner Up-Underneath by Natalia Kass.jpg

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention-Abstract 1 by A.M & L.B. Honorable Mention-Abstract 2 Honorable Mention-Angel Mouse Honorable Mention-Anime Girl by Daphne Honorable Mention-Anime Guy by Elusive Lily Honorable Mention-Art Inspires by Rosazul Productions Honorable Mention-Balloon House by James O'Donoghue & Liza Kroeschell Honorable Mention-Bike Rack Shadows Honorable Mention-Blue Woman Honorable Mention-Breathe for Justice 1 by Ruby Family Honorable Mention-Breathe for Justice 2 by Ruby Family Honorable Mention-Catan by Couch Honorable Mention-Chair and Shadows by Steven Maffin Honorable Mention-Dive Deep, Discover Beauty by Hooks Family Honorable Mention-Everyone is Beautiful Honorable Mention-Eyeball Honorable Mention-Fairy with Exploding Head by Maya Sandoval Honorable Mention-Golden Gate Bridge by Mizuki Honorable Mention-Gratitude by Alie & Rey(?) Honorable Mention-Hairy Leg Honorable Mention-Home by Woolf/Grant Families Honorable Mention-Hot Dog by Heather Meil Honorable Mention-Junetenth by Marikit Mayeno Honorable Mention-Leaves by Aurora Honorable Mention-Lion Dragon by Caroline Reebs & Linden Nabaa Honorable Mention-Lovolution by Sathyam Vellal Honorable Mention-Meduza Honorable Mention-Meeting of the Minds Honorable Mention-Melange by Zoey & Chip Patterson and Tracy Cummings Honorable Mention-Planets Honorable Mention-Stay Foxy by Jamie, Audrey, Jonathan & Kay Honorable Mention-Sunset Honorable Mention-The Forest Honorable Mention-Third Eye Honorable Mention-Three Girls Honorable Mention-Vines from Vines Honorable Mention-Yoga Kula

Youth Mention

Youth Mention-Abstract 3 by Laila & Max Youth Mention-All Colors Are Beautiful by Vernice Youth Mention-Avocado Fish Youth Mention-Ballet in Blue by Lara Brysk Youth Mention-Butterfly by Kiara Fatemi Youth Mention-Butterfly by Leo Youth Mention-Green Snake Youth Mention-Helicopter putting out fire Youth Mention-Hoi by Camila Zimmerman Youth Mention-Hope is You & Me Youth Mention-I Love You Youth Mention-Joy is Wihin You by Erin Youth Mention-My Family is So Ugly by Kiara Fatemi Youth Mention-Nothing Stops Love From Growing-Nyia Youth Mention-Pink Dog Youth Mention-Plant by Izzy Zimmerman Youth Mention-Raccoon by Midori Real de Asua Youth Mention-Rainbow Colors Youth Mention-Rainbow Flags Youth Mention-Rainbows Youth Mention-Say Hello to Joy by Elliot Youth Mention-Skateboarder Youth Mention-Sping Flower! by Lila Newman Youth Mention-The Rainbow Hand by Lara Brysk Youth Mention-There are a lot of Things to be Happy About by Eli Youth Mention-Turtle by Charlie Band Youth Mention-We Love Your Cookie Youth Mention-Worm by Matias

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